Monday, November 20, 2006

Makeup Trends - Fall/Winter 2006 2007

Since nobody is perfect, we all have what we consider either minor or major flaws we'd rather not have. Surgery is not your only option to achieve the look you want. Makeup is indeed the best and cheapest way to camouflage imperfections and cover flaws.

Fall and winter fashion trends carry over into makeup to bring a whole new concept to grab attention. Put away your lovely pastels for summer. Cosmetic companies are bringing a burst of vibrant colors and dark earth tones. Shimmer shades are on the way out with mattes taking precedence. Forget overall bronze and place it only sparingly in strategic places.

For a fresh, trendy look, military green and dark plumb shadows compliment almost any skin tone while models are showing smudgy, smoky eyes accented with blue and charcoal -- in lieu of the basic frosts and shimmers we're used to seeing. Blending is the trick for slept-in, sexy bedroom eyes.

Eyeliner applied from the middle of the upper eyelids extending just past the outer corners bring back the classic, "cat-eye" look. Paris Hilton looks sexy and mature in pictures with this method. Basic black opens up the eyes while green and teal look trendy, yet sophisticated.

Bold lipstick is needed to balance strong colors. Don't make a fuss with matching shades too closely. Simply choose from same-color families and apply lip gloss as a final touch for eye-catching attraction.

Technique is important when applying makeup. Today's trend is au-natural but there is a lot of definition for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Common mistakes include poor lighting and not choosing the proper colors for your skin tone. Avoid shimmer and frosted makeup if you have some fine lines and wrinkles to hide. Add a hint of good old-fashioned rouge for a healthy, youthful glow.



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