Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fashion Tips on How to Select that Perfect Prom Shoe

Prom is coming near, you have completed your preparation for prom, selected a nice prom dress, fixed the prom make up and hairstyle appointments, everything is just perfect, but did you select the right prom shoes. One thing girls often overlook while preparing for prom is their shoes.

Normally girls select prom shoes based on their prom dresses, they select a shoe which complements their prom dress look wise and color wise. But on prom night you’re expected to dance a lot, and you may find yourself limping after the dance for the rest of night. So it's important that you select right prom shoes with the right balance of style and comfort.

The important thing after selecting the prom shoe don't keep it in your closet so that it should be safe till prom, rather wear it before prom and try get your feet the feel of your shoe, so that it would be comfortable wearing it on the most important prom night.

Select a prom shoe that would be more than just a prom shoe, a shoe that you can use even after prom, on other occasions, on various dresses, is wise. A Silver sandal would go with most of formal, semi-formal dresses like sundresses, cocktail-dresses and also with those casual ones like jeans, skirts and trendy pants. Black sequined flip-flops with a black prom dress would be real wise purchase it would be more than just a prom shoe.

Don't go out there to buy a shoe with same color as your dress, just try and find a shoe with complementing color. Even then you want a shoe that has same color, order shoe and get it dyed as your dress color, this service is mostly provided by bridal stores.

Most of the girls today go for high heels to add extra height, but don't get stuck with this idea you can also select flats and flip-flops as I mentioned above comfortability is also important. If adding height is necessity for you then go for shoes with kitten-heels, sandals with low or wide heels, slides, or slingbacks.

The most important thing try and be imaginative, create your own style, I m just giving you tips not hard written rules.

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