Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fashion Tips - Decorating for a Winter Wedding

Decorating for a Winter wedding is easier than you think. Close your eyes and imagine it. Your wedding, that is. It is beautiful and pure. Frosted Christmas balls float from a ceiling of organza and thousands of little white lights. Pine trees outline the room, reaching up to the sky.

Your loved ones are drinking sparkling champagne, musing over the incredible times you have had. Mirrors cover the walls, reflecting this beauty for eternity. You, in your pristine white dress, are the queen of this Winter Wonderland, and everyone is here to bless and celebrate this day.

You do not have to be very creative, or talented to produce this feeling in reality. Your wedding can be as beautiful as you want it to be, with just a little thought and effort. No matter your budget, you can make it look as if you hired a professional. Awe your guests with you Winter Wonderland wedding.

What is winter?

What is winter to you? Perhaps it is white, blue, or deep jewel-tones. Maybe it is all of these. Is it lights and icicles? Or maybe snow and ice-skating make you think of winter. What is it that makes winter so magical? Make a list of the things you love about it. Once you have done that, it will be much easier to see what you will use to decorate your very own winter wonderland. What items are on your list? Use these in your décor for an unforgettable wedding.

You can put a twist on any of the following ideas to create a feeling that is unique to you, or to allow for budget differentiations.

* Organza or other sheer fabrics draped from the ceiling, and down the walls, concealing small white Christmas lights.
* Organza bows on the backs of the chairs. Or hang wreaths on the backs of each of the chairs.
* Iridescent Christmas balls hanging on clear fishing line from the ceiling.
* Mirrors on the walls, or small mirrors with tea light candles on the tables.
* Centerpieces made by freezing water in a large Styrofoam cylinder after placing Holly Berries still on their twigs in it. Remove the Styrofoam, or other form, and you have an instant beautiful ice sculpture. Or use a clear glass vase.
* Pine trees with ornately wrapped “gifts” under the trees, or one beautifully decorated tree in your colors used to hold the gifts others will bring.


* Find out if a local high school has a bell choir. You may be able to hire them for a very low price, or even for free.
* Hire a local harp player. (For those on a budget, you may be able to hire a music student from a local college or university.)
* Classical guitar is another beautiful holiday musical genre.
* You can also try for a DJ, depending on the wedding theme, is it very formal or semi formal, watch for next post on selecting the Music for your wedding

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