Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update your wardrobe on Budget for Fall Season

Don't have a fortune to spend on new clothes don't worry, just follow these tips

Blousy over Lean- The basic silhouette for fall has evolved into new proportions. We’ve been seeing it since spring with the amazing impact of skinny leg jeans and that leaner, narrow lower body proportion complimenting billowy, longer tops is a key trend moving forward. Think of this fall’s fashion evolution as less structure, more drape than in previous seasons.

Find something lean as a core wardrobe staple—whether perfect slim black pants, comfy leggings, a pencil skirt, or all three! You’ll then have the must-have, live-in basics to anchor your fall wardrobe in style.

Elegant volume- is what you want on top. It’s NEVER clingy and bare, but a beautiful, glamorous, drape of fabric that spotlights your figure without exposing too much. A jersey knit tunic to casually expose a drop shoulder, or a big V-neck boyfriend sweater, or comfy grandpa knit with a tiered cami underneath—these modern tunics are more like shrunken dresses than boho ethnic. Even pea jackets and balmacaan coats have a certain voluminous flair.

When skinny is not your thing, try a new pair of Greta Garbo wide leg trousers with oodles of old Hollywood allure. Instead of looking dumpy in something this wide, continue the glam feel with a pair of towering platform shoes.

Fall is the season where the new shoe silhouette rocks. Peep toe flats are another truly fresh fashion option, but if you buy only one pair of shoes, a platform shoe is the absolute fashion must-have. For all you tired of complaining about teetering on stilettos, just imagine how comfy and statuesque platforms are and how wonderfully chic and practical it is to finally see the demise of the bare leg. Say hallelujah to chilly legs and build a wardrobe of tights and socks that compliment fall’s chunkier footwear and cute flats.

The colors grey, red, mottled gold, and a spot of leopard are fall’s perfect accents, so why not add something knit to your wardrobe in one of these hot fashion colors? Everyday is sweater weather this season, particularly when you creatively layer up your knits in a way that marks your personal style.

There are a few one season wonders that you’ll love now and want to leave later, but don’t ditch the trend, get a cheapy fast fashion version that adds pizzazz to your wardrobe, but doesn’t make you cry to pass on down the road.

Bubble skirts- the big, bell-shaped bubble hemmed skirt or party dress is so hot for fall and it finally looks so right again that you won’t be able to resist it’s certain feminine charm. But how many times do you really want to wear something this obvious? Just like with the Christian LaCroix once revolutionary version years ago, the bubble can burst pretty quickly. Cute for a few wearings only, an entire wardrobe this silhouette will never make. Wanna keep this trend strong a bit longer? Go for a gentle curve and avoid an extreme silhouette.

Oversized layers- everybody loves to have a second helping here and there, but you know that you’ve buried in layers when the day you decide to wear a skinny sweater, you get praised for dropping 10 pounds. Big layers are fun when they’re done right and you’re thin to begin with, but an excess of fabric looks like a fashion faux pas in hindsight. Add longevity to this trend by keeping to one full, drapy layer and balanced with something more figure-flattering rather than being swarthed in yards of fabric.

Capes- like the poncho trend a few seasons back, the big, floaty top layer has a certain amount of counter-culture chicness, and a little capelet looks so cute. But we can bet that once the cape trend capitulates, Mary Poppins’ throwaways will be lingering on sale racks for some time. Wear this fashion fad with an expiration date in mind. But don’t despair-- there are so many brilliant fashion choices for fall and winter, that it will be very hard to go wrong.

Hopefully these tips will help.



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