Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fall Fashion Trends - Casual Wear

As the weather cools down for the Fall and winter season in 2006, women’s fashion turns to new hues, combinations, and patterns in clothing designs. This year we can expect the usual assortment of browns, naturals, and earth tones but the season’s ‘new black’ is ruby red and a vibrant violet. Pair these with blacks, browns, and greys for a complete fall look.

Gold continues to make its way in jewelry and accessories, but this year in an understated and matte finish. Look for rust, khaki, and shades of mustard in scarves and hats, and some subtle silver and white shades perfect for layering.

Fall’s strongest colors will be ruby red and a range of shades in violet. Ruby red tones include cranberry, and vibrant bursts of red in contrast to black and grey. Violet and purple run the gamut from deep and dark to light, bordering on pastel. Paired with charcoal grey, this makes a great fall emergence in as early as mid-September.

Wardrobe must-haves this fall season include layers, short tailored jackets, silhouette dresses, and boyish styles in pants and vests. Back-to-school inspirations continue to reign in vests, jackets, and corduroy pants; finish the look with volume collars and sleeves to catch the trend.

Grey and black are great in plaid, argyle, and straight cuts in cardigans, cropped jackets, and ¾ length duster coats. This year the belted look of duster coats in poplin to cable sweaters makes a debut, paired with tunic-style pants and tops. Oversized silver and gold buckle belts help accessorize and polish off many of the darker-toned looks.

Suits and professional attire for women will continue with tailored suits, one-piece trouser suits, and oversized collars. This year we’ll also find fur trims and the introduction of oversized balloon-style sleeves . These will work well with fitted hip-hugging pants and legging-style trousers. Skirts range in size, but the ‘mini’ is out for good this year; instead, try longer styles from mid-calf to knee length, as well as velvet patterns and ruffles.

Finally, short dresses have made a comeback with military-inspired colors and wide waist-cinching belts Layering some of the lighter-fabric dresses with leggings is a standing trend, and may encourage more short-skirt enthusiasts.

This year’s alternative looks include Japanese-trend inspirations such as the Harajaku Girls accessories, as well as oversized bags, studs, and ‘Rocker Chick’ casual wear in t-shirts, grunge looks, and vintage pants.



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