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Top Ten Fashion Trends - Fall 2007

Late summer the stress begins. What do I need to buy for fall and what can I continue to wear that I already own? Most importantly, which trends do I know won't work on me and which ones can I embrace openly? Everywhere you turn, there are conflicting reports on the new "it" trends of the season. Fortunately, I love culling the fall fashions as much as I do breathing, so I have done the research for you.

The color scheme for Fall '06-'07 is a little murky, and by that I mean the color pallet. Black is back as is brown, gray, moss, navy and white. There are punches of color like red and deep yellow. Metallic is still hot, but in smaller doses, so opt for either shoes, a belt or a handbag and make it gold.

1. Layering

Notice a trend in oversized clothing? Thanks in part to Marc Jacobs, sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts and shirts have become larger. They have also become longer for a leaner silhouette.

2. Sweater Knits

There are many choices on the knitwear fornt: chunky sweaters worn with feminine dresses, knitwear skirts, oversized sweaters, sweater dresses and knit tunics over skinny leg jeans or leggings. You know your body, if chunky knits make you look...chunky, then opt for the finer gage knits or try a knit dress.

3. Menswear Inspired Prints

Plaids, pinstripes, houndstooth are huge this fall. You may notice that the scale of the print is huge as well. Do NOT wear prints from head-to-toe and consider choosing less tailored and more feminine pieces.

4. Boots and Booties

Tall boots are big again this year and look best with skirts and dresses. However, you may notice that the bootie is making a comeback. Best worn with skinny leg jeans and drainpipe trousers, be careful not to wear them with skirts unless you have terrific gams and are under the age of 30. Don't be afraid of color, make a statement with your footwear.

5. Skinny Jeans and Pants

The skinny jean made its debut last year, but is still hot for Fall '06-07. The darker, the better.

6. Leggings and Tights

Leggings and patterned tights are wonderful with dresses and tunics. Be careful, because this is a hard trend to pull off. First, if you are going to try leggings, make sure they are black. If you are over the age of 25 do NOT wear leggings with a skirt or you will look like you stepped right out of the movie "Flashdance."

7. Dresses and Tunics

Dresses are carrying over from spring and I couldn't be happier. For one, it's easy ...all you have to do is toss on a dress and you are ready for anything. For another, the choices are infinite. From feminine silks to wrap dresses to knit tunics to loose jersey styles to kimonos, the dress is it.

8. Black and Gold

Black bags with gold chains, black suede boots with patent leather and gold buckles, big gold chains, gold earrings. Think early 90's (without the bad hair).

9. Red Accents

Chose red for a punch of color. Red lipstick, red belts, red shoes and boots, red handbags...just don't wear them all at the same time. Remember the goal is not to be matchy matchy.

10. Belts

Wide belts were shown by most of the designers on the fall runway. Belts were over dresses, coats and suits. Look for obis, wrap styles and wide leather belts. Choose bright colors, gold and leopard prints. The belt is best worn at the waist or right under the breast bone, not at the hip.

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