Monday, January 08, 2007

Upgrade Your Wardrobe to Must - Haves of 2007

The seven most important things for the New Year: high-waisted pants, slim-fit jeans, an oversized bag, platform shoes, a tunic top, a shrunken trench, and a sheath dress; black makes it really easy, this will help you upgrade your wardrobe.

That doesn't necessarily mean you can't keep pieces you already own; think about what you have. If you hem and belt the great trench in your closet, that takes the look from last season to this season! You might be able to work with what you have, depending on what you bought this fall/winter.

Look 1

A trench coat is one of the easiest runway looks to translate to real life. This look is a trench coat inspired by Louis Vuitton and the trench coat is pretty and feminine for 2007. Paired with a billowy scarf and the perfect platform shoe with patent detail, it's effortlessly chic. We belted it with a belt from Zara, and we paired it with platform Steve Madden shoes. That's what makes it look modern right now, and it's that easy. The trench is by St. John. We've been seeing platforms now for a few seasons, but they're not going away; in fact, they're getting higher.

Look 2

Thank goodness the high-rise pant is coming back — no more plumber impersonations! This look cionsists of wide-legged pants from Zara, and they're high-waisted. The emphasis is on the waist instead of the hip bone, and these pants actually make you look slimmer by emphasizing your waist, the smallest part of your midsection, as opposed to your hips. This is not a look for everyone; you don't want to go for this look if you're short-waisted, but it's fantastic for women with long or normal torsos, because if your torso is too small, the pants threaten to overwhelm your upper body. The pants are paired with a 3/4 sleeve cardigan by J Crew, mixed with a chain necklace. This makes it one of the best work looks for 2007. It's an easy alternative look to a jacket, and the perfect everyday look in which you appear completely pulled-together. The necklace is really one of the keys here: Add one extra accessory — one extra element, such as a great belt or huge pair of earrings, that doesn't belong there or is unexpected. That's what will finish off your look for this season.

Look 3

This season, there's a new shape entering the world of the little black dress. This look has a little black dress by Alisha Levine. It's kind of boxy, so you can get away with a lot, plus it looks like a vintage Pierre Cardin dress, with an oversized gold zipper in back, which gives a touch of edginess to an otherwise classic piece. You can wear it to the office, then throw on an accessory and it can also work at an office party — from the office to your office party in one second flat!. It has 3/4 length sleeves. You can change your necklace to go from day to evening.

Look 4

Skinny jeans are staying around for awhile — they're still in and still happening. The ones shown are by Joe's Jeans. It is a perfect weekend look. We pair them with flats, a little sweater, and an oversized bag. The bag is a big cable-knit bag from Club Monaco. Not only will this purse fit just about everything you could dream of putting in it, but the larger-than-life quality of the bag will make your thighs look smaller — that's the best part about the big bag! That's why big people shouldn't carry little bags, because it makes them look bigger.

Look 5

If you went a little crazy this holiday season, no need to fear. The outfit in Look 5 hides a multitude of sins. It's the ultimate flattering look: a cropped jacket with a billowing tunic underneath, which hides your stomach, and straight-legged pants from Club Monaco. Plus, a great headband. The little jacket makes you look tall, but you can wear it with a billowy top to hide your stomach. This look is definitely all about playing with proportions and layering for an updated and seriously stylish look.



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