Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fashion Trends Predictions - 2007

Predictions for 2007 are based on the fact that really ugly, tacky trends from the 80s resurfaced this past year. Therefore this coming year's trends will be from the late 80s and will be trends that were less than gorgeous the first time around.

1st Prediction: Hyper Color Will Resurface
Remember those shirts that would change color when people would touch them or when body heat went up? The technology that made that happen will resurface in the fashion world. Only doubt the shirts might come back. The shirts were too much of a passing fad, but the concept "something changing based on heat" kinda cool. Someone might come out with hyper color purses, hyper color watches, or some other hyper color accessory.

2nd Prediction: Neon Clothing Will Make a Comeback
Thinking of the 80s without remembering neon clothing, NO NO NO. Think back to your favorite episode of Saved by the Bell or The Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Notice a trend of brightly colored items? they will come back. Bright pink, neon yellow and florescent orange will come back someday. If it is not in 2007, look for it soon thereafter.

Don't imagine that the neon colors will be as prevalent as before. We are actually safe from fluorescent pants and shirts. But, the colors will come back as bright accents, perhaps as a snippet of color on a pair of swim trunks or as shoe laces.

3rd Prediction: Everyone Will Try to Wear Biker Shorts Again
Face it, spandex has not been to nice to us. It is hideous and looks bad on 90% of the population. However, it was hot once before and it will reappear again. In case you do not know what biker shorts are, they are the skin tight, spandex shorts that bike riders wear. The stuff does not leave anything to the imagination and will hug anything that is not smooth.

Currently leggings are supposed to be trendy. Several people that love them. It is only a matter of time before leggings under skirts and dresses switch to biker shorts under these garments. Just think how gorgeous (yuck) that will look considering we as a society have gotten fatter since they were cool the first time around. Let's hear a cheer for visible panty-lines and cottage cheese butts.

4th Prediction: Bibs, Overalls or Whatever You Want to Call Them Will Return
It is about that time for everyone to look like they just got done painting. They will be resurrected. They will be the shorts version or the long pants version can't predict, but it is safe to say that people will start wearing bottoms with straps that hook over the shoulders.

Maybe if people get crazy with it they will start wearing one strap up and one strap down. For a more country look, people can wear both straps hooked. There are just so many options when it comes to tacky bottoms.

5th Prediction: Scrunch Socks Will be Hot
They are the socks that you can scrunch down and they peak out from the skinny (tapered) legged jeans. The socks came in bright colors and were often layered to create a more dramatic look. Everyone seems to be craving accessories lately. Why not turn to brightly colored socks that are meant to be seen? It seems logical to me.



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