Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hair Trends - 2007

Fashions change is an Universal Truth, and will remain even in 2007

This includes those fads and hairstyling trends that many women keep such a close eye on. In recent years we’ve seen the evolution from the long, straight razor cut to a softer, more naturally-waved look then the slow decrease in hair length and the emergence of shorter styles and more layered looks. Trends are mostly influenced by the images we see in fashion magazines, on television and in movies(Celebrities).

The trends changes tend to be cyclical. Hair styles will grow longer, softer, more romantic until they reach a peak, then they’ll swing the other direction to shorter, more geometric, textured styles. Trends will swing from curly to straight and back to curly. Even color trends will shift with the winds of fashion: from subtle highlighting and accent coloring, to bold, chunky color patterns, or a general trend toward blonde shades (or reds).

What to Expect in 2007:

Girls with long curly hair - In the coming months and New Year women will continue their current trend of growing their hair long. Long flowing curls will be the newest accessory, whether naturally grown or other hair extending techniques. The added length and curl will likely result in an emergence in the “big hair” style before the trend swings back the other direction.

Unlike the old 80’s “big hair” styles, the current “big hair” look will refer more to fullness and volume in the curl than in height of the style. The lengths of the hair will be cut into tiered layers to generate more volume by the curl.

The curls will be naturally encouraged, styled into the hair for a temporary look, or will be added through the use of specialized perming techniques. These techniques will involve the use of varying sizes of perming tools and free-form base sections to give more natural-looking results.

Color trends will feature a shift to lighter and warmer hair colors. Particularly in the winter months the focus will be on reds and auburn shades, with those who currently have the darkest colors of hair opting for rich chocolate browns and cinnamon tones. Those who already have blonde hair shades will lean towards brightening their natural blonde or using soft tones to add more depth and dimension to the color.



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