Friday, January 05, 2007

Shoe Trends - Winter 2007

The latest fashion look in footwear is stylish cone heels. Ladies fashion shoes have wooden heels, leopard print or use reptilian look materials.

Ballerina Flat Shoe

This season have your eyes on T-bar shoes, ankle strap shoes and designer boots in Lurex python skins.

Ballerina flats with round toes in all types of materials including animal, gold, metallics and velvets are winter winners. Animal prints abound in fashion accessories. The ballerina flats are made in several animal prints of varying scales and impressed leathers as well as golden tones. You can easily imagine skipping around town wearing these easy flats and shopping until you drop.

Women's Fashion Boots

This winter my preference though is for laced up shoes or bootie shoes. These shoes will tone well with all those gold clothes you add to your wardrobe. Many women's fashion boots have extra straps which have either biker or equestrian associations.

Fur Fashion Boots

Fur fashion boots, don't they just look warm, comfortable and fun to wear.

No-shows are marketing man's answer to capture lost sales of tights in summer.

These fashion accessories are also useful too. They consist of foot tubes or cases that cover just the toes, foot sole and heels or are simply no more than a foot band, a toe band or an ankle band.

No-shows the latest way to keep comfortable without tights.

In the past we might have thought them a variation of trouser socks, but they are not true socks as they don't even totally cover the foot. The intention is that there is no show. The reason that some women still wear tights in summer, even on hot days, is to protect their feet with a fine layer between shoe and foot. Many have thought the heat discomfort worth it to not have raw rubbed feet.

These no-show items are meant to be worn with sandals and other summer footwear to prevent chafing and blisters in hot weather. No-shows are the new answer to uncomfortably hot tights.



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