Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Prom Do's and Don't

Sure, sure, you make your own rules. But there's a world of difference between following your own path and just being a total slob! Here's the least you should (and shouldn't) do on prom night.

Do Nix the Prom Drama
So what if your high school nemesis shows up in the same dress as you? And who cares if your biggest rival is talking behind your back? Not you. No fits, fights, or freak-outs allowed at the prom. If someone's trying to rile you up, skip the drama queen act. Prom's a night for everyone to just have fun, so just ignore anyone who's trying to stop you.

Don't Wait to Ask Your Date
This goes for guys and girls: If you have even the slightest idea who you want to ask, just go for it. When the prom's looming in the near future, that hottie you've got your eye on is going to be snatched up faster than a pair of designer shoes on clearance. Even if the answer is no, at least you'll know -- and you can come up with a Plan B so you won't be left dateless the night before the prom.

Do Be a Great Date
He may not be your idea of Prince Charming, but he's still your prom date. No matter what your romantic status is, don't leave him hanging by dancing with other people all night or spending all your time gossiping with the girls.

Don't Primp in Public
No doubt a night of partying will require some modest touch-ups -- reapplying lipstick, cleaning up mascara, and fixing your hairdo. But there's a thin line between touching up and giving an overhaul. Take it to the bathroom, but don't spend the whole night there. Prom is about having a great time with your friends (and by your friends, we don't mean Estee Lauder and Paul Mitchell!).

Do Bring Cash
Just because your date promised to pick up the tab doesn't means you should skip the ATM -- you never know when you'll have to chip in. And then there are the random expenses like gum or late-night snacks -- you don't want to have to ask your date to cover every little expense.

Don't Forget Your Manners
If you don't know the dinner drill, here's a basic primer. Guys, let your date pick her seat first and order first. Ladies, place your dinner napkin in your lap and keep those elbows off of the table! If you're confused about the silverware, here's the rule of thumb: Start from the outside and work your way in. The outer fork is usually for the salad, while the inner fork is used for the main course.

Do Be Polite to Parents
You don't want to spend all night with them (you may not want to spend 15 minutes with them), but you'll still want to pay special attention to your date's parents. After all, it's a big night for their little boy or girl (sob!). Greet them politely and shake hands with every member of the family. Don't roll your eyes or get impatient if they want to take one picture too many. Remember, lame as it seems, parents totally live for this stuff!

Do Have Fun!
With so much time spent prepping for the prom, you might have forgotten -- prom is actually just one big party. Don't let stress or nerves get in the way of a great time.

But Don't Go Crazy
You want your killer dress to be the talk of the school -- not your drunken antics. So even though prom might seem like the right time to do something really wild, don't leave your judgment at home. You want prom to be memorable, but in a good way.

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