Friday, July 21, 2006

How to Select a Homecoming Dress

1. Listen to the chatter amongst the upperclassmen if this is your first homecoming. Learn whether your school hosts a semiformal or just a dressy homecoming dance.

2. Give yourself plenty of options, and the opportunity to step out in a dress no other girl will be wearing. Visit the department stores and boutiques across town, or shop online for a selection of dresses not carried in your hometown shops.

3. Pass on the full-length dresses and look at styles that hit at, just above, or just below the knee. For more formal functions, consider dresses made of satin, velvet or a sequined knit.

4. Try on a sleeveless shift dress in cotton sateen or a short-sleeved jewel-neck dress in a shiny black jersey. When the fall temperatures are really low, pair one of these with a fuzzy angora sweater, and don't forget your coat.

5. Let prints or trims dress up an otherwise simply cut dress. Look for an off-the-shoulder dress with ruffled or fringed edging, or a knit dress with rhinestone or beaded trim.

If your date is tall, think about wearing heels. Wear wedge sandals with a slip dress, or pair slingback pumps with a long-sleeved dress.

Skirts are definitely an option for homecoming. Pair a colorful embroidered pullover with a knee-length slim skirt and low heels.

Dress up your hair with decorative clips, and slip on a nice necklace or bracelet.

You can get your homecoming Prom Dresses here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Two years ago my best friend stopped the homecoming dance when she entered!
She was staggeringly dressed in a gorgeous knee length white halter angora dress and had an equally fluffy pale yellow angora bolero hugging her shoulders. It looked like she had just stepped out of the 50’s, especially when her date had worn a white evening dress suit with a pale yellow shirt and tie. They should have been crowned king and queen, but they did win the best dressed couple! I later found out that the dress and top was her dates sisters and she and her brother, had been bridesmaid and best man, at their older brothers wedding. The bride had worn an all white 100% angora dress and wrap. I still haven’t seen the pictures of the wedding yet, but they must have been even more stunning than Jayne and Jake at the homecoming! I must admit I do have a thing for angora, it feels so good and sexy wearing it and I’ve also borrowed the dress and top Jayne wore a couple of times and my fiancé can’t keep his hands off me. He wants me to get married in angora too!

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