Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tips on How to Select that perfect Prom Dress

Don't stress over finding the perfect look for prom.

Just remember to start early, make a plan and follow these simple tips for looking your best on prom night.

Highlight your best points

Know the favorite parts of your body while looking for a dress and find styles that flaunt your looks. Some ideas:

* Cocktail-length (around knee length) dresses show off legs.
* A capped-sleeve dress or sophisticated wrap will cover up less-than-fab arms.
* A fitted column dress will feature an hourglass shape.
* A large ball gown skirt will camouflage a derrière (large or small).
* Keep color in mind
* Some colors, like black, work for all skin tones, but if you’re going for color, make sure you choose the right shade.
* When buying a dress, make sure you pay a lot of attention to the shades of your dress: pale pinks and peaches may wash out ivory skin, but deeper pinks or apricot can be the perfect hue for light complexions.

Less is more

Always remember that you can look fab without revealing much or going head-to-toe sequins.

More hints on true glamour:

* Sequins and embroidery are great on dresses, but only to a certain degree. If you’re loving an adorned dress, a simple clutch and heels is the way to go.
* Stay away from a cleavage-plus-slit ensemble: the prom is held at school!
* If you go for a two-piece midriff-baring look, make sure the skirt is on the conservative side.If you wearing a high-slit skirt, think modest top-wise.
* A very intricate dress calls for sheer makeup and minimal accessories to avoid a too-busy look. A simple ensemble requires a bold makeup statement - either dramatic eyes or show-stopping lips.

Try not to stray from your personal style

Just because the prom calls for a formal look doesn’t mean you have to change your signature look. Use these hints:

If you tend to go for sophisticated styles, a clean black column dress or elegant cocktail-length version would work great. If preppy is more your look, a bold black-and-white look would be perfect, along with anything trimmed in grosgrain ribbons. ~ Casey, About's Teen Fashion Expert. See more advice and articles written by Casey in TeenScene.

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