Sunday, September 10, 2006

Your Scent May Attract A Surprise!

So prom night has arrived and you have just exactly the sexy prom dress you want. You are accessorized to the hilt and you have just the perfect shoes. Is there more? Yes, there is, if you would really like to make a splash at the prom. You have to think beyond these to include your hair, prom jewelry and makeup, and make a bold statement with just the right scent or fragrance. Here are a few fragrances for that special night. Ralph Lauren Romance for women is a very popular, musky, floral blend that lends itself well to romance, including a night especially like prom night. If you are feeling flirtatious and sweet, you can smell like a garden of wildflowers in late summer.

Or, you may want to try the Givenchy Haute Couture, which is a combination of vanilla, roses and spring flowers that makes this fragrance a perfect accent to your beautiful prom dress. If you're feeling exotic and would like to wear an original scent that smells just like you fell from heaven, you simply must try Thierry Mugler Angel that smells like sweet chocolates and orchids that are blended together to make a very exotic and original combination.

You've waited very long for prom night, so why not wear this classic teen scent called Love's Baby Soft Cologne. It is worn by many girls on a daily basis, but can also be just perfect for prom night. Imagine what it would be like to be different and stand out from the crowd almost bathed in a halo of familiar freshness, while the other girls are trying something earthy or pungent. Or, you may want to try a perky fresh scent called Clinique Happy, which is a combination of spring floral and a splash of citrus. You will feel inspired to live up to its name and will have a bliss-filled night at the prom. Now here is a hot item! How would you like to be as sultry and seductive as Jennifer López herself? Try the new Glow by J'Lo as it is one of the most enticing and exciting perfumes on the market. Wearing this for your special night will almost ensure you of a glowing good time. And lastly, how about a limited edition release of Escada Ibiza Hippie which is a fabulous fruity floral blend with a beautiful sweet scent that leaves a lasting impression. Selecting from prom dresses online or wearing just the right pair of shoes may sometimes not be enough until you add that touch of elegance and finish by selecting the right fragrance!

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