Monday, September 18, 2006

The Prom Accessories that Will Make You Sparkle

Prom night is right around the corner. And for most high school students, this special night is an important and memorable moment where women usually show off their amazingly beautiful prom dresses and men dress up as gentlemen. In this significant occasion, it is an edge if the teens and their parents know something about fashion, prom dresses and any other details for preparing for the said event. When the prom night is approaching, almost everyone is tied up in finding the best prom dress they can wear. But the truth is, there’s more to it than that.

So you already have that perfect dress, but it shouldn’t end with that. You can finish off your appearance with the prom accessories that match not just your personality but your styling preferences as well. Since prom is definitely about dressing up, why not put on the prom accessories that will make you look astoundingly beautiful and eye-catching no matter what your style is? However, your accessories can break or make the ideal look that you want to bear for the prom night. So be careful in choosing the prom accessories to wear. Among the prom accessories you should consider are prom purse or handbag, gloves, shawl, prom jewelry, slips, garment bags, prom shoes, hair accessories, bras and underwears, body glitter, tattoo, nail polish and many others.

Prom shoes

After spending so many hours in looking for perfect prom dress, you need to search for the perfect shoe or footwear to match your dress. And finding the right shoes for your prom dress shouldn’t be difficult. For the perfect prom shoe to be yours, you need to be familiar with some fashion tricks.

The most important factor that matter when selecting a pair of shoe is comfort. How can you appreciate the fantastic shoe that you choose when, in the midst of the prom, you are unable to walk or stand? No matter how amazing it looks, the pain that it caused will convince you that it was a wrong choice. The popular style of shoe for the prom night is high heels. They make your legs appear slimmer and longer and they oblige you to always bear a good posture.

Prom purse or handbag

Carrying around a big handbag or purse all night is a big no no. In selecting purse for the prom, pick the one that’s just large enough to hold your money, extra pair of hose, lipstick, powder, some safety pins, and a camera. Also, choose the purse that matches your prom dress and shoe.

Prom Jewelry

Once you have your dress, your pair of shoe and handbag or purse, it’s the perfect time to look for the little things that will definitely add up to the striking look you want to achieve. And prom jewelry can make your prom night extra special. It is advisable to choose prom jewelry that is fun and playful. Surely, your attire for the prom night will not be complete without these cool, eye popping necklace, earrings, toe rings, bracelets and other type of jewelry. Prom jewelry can help you sparkle like the star particularly if they perfectly match your prom dress.

Prom shawl

If you think that your prom dress is so revealing, you can have a shawl to conceal your shoulders. A shawl, by definition is a simple piece of clothing that’s loosely worn over upper body and arms, over the shoulders, and in some cases, over the head. It is typically a piece of cloth with rectangular shape and is usually folded to form a triangle. Prom shawls can be used to keep you warm in cold prom night, to complement your dress and for some symbolic functions. Since jacket is inappropriate for your prom attire, you might need a shawl to provide additional warmth and fashion during the prom night.

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